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How to prepare category descriptions in an online store?


Categories descriptions in online stores are still a frequently overlooked element of the site, and yet it is the best place to enrich the site with unique content. It is worthwhile to use the potential of space above the bend line and to allocate it to marketing activities. Here are some tips that will help you answer the questions if and how to describe the categories.

Is it worth describing the categories in your store?

Categories descriptions in the online store are a great place to smuggle long tail keywords, i.e. word clusters that help to position websites. Moreover, short texts describing the categories increase the amount of unique content within the site and allow you to naturally enter phrases that are essential for SEO. An interestingly written description encourages to look deeper into the categories, strengthens internal linking, and thus increases traffic on the site.

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Descriptions of categories in the online store – what to remember?

The category description should appear only on the first page of results from a given category. (!) It is a mistake to display it on all product pages in a given category, because then duplicate content occurs, i.e. the same content appears on many sites, which is not for positioning purposes.
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If you are planning to describe categories of considerable length (over 1500-2000 characters with spaces), it is worth placing them under the list of products. However, if we necessarily want to place them above the product list or CMS of the store forces us to do so, part of the text should be hidden and displayed by "read more", so that the products appear above the bend line.
Descriptions of categories should not be too long, because if they are placed at the top of page it forces us to hide a part of the text described above. They may also cause the products not to appear above the bend line, and these are the most important ones here.
The category descriptions, as well as other content in the online store, should be linguistically correct. Lack of spelling mistakes, factual and stylistic errors should be avoided.
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What should a category description in the online store contain?

Information on what products are in a given category – this is no place to greet the customer and describe the company, it should be on the home page or in the "About us" tab.
Synonyms – when describing categories it is worth to use synonyms of product names that appear in it. If the category is called "radiators", it is worth including the word "radiator" in the category description, which will be technically incorrect, but many people looking for a room radiator will enter "room radiator" in the search engine.
Keywords – these are the words that inform Google bots and not only what a given page is about, thus the category description should include keywords and phrases. It is necessary to remember not to enter them artificially, they should appear naturally along with the variety of words.

Category descriptions – summary

The category descriptions in an online store support the process of organic positioning of a site, but only if they are written according to language rules and have not been copied from another site. The description content should be understandable and legible for the recipient, and at the same time smuggle the phrases for bots. Interesting descriptions may include product stories from the category, curiosities, application ideas, the most important to distinguish our store from the competition and attract potential customers.

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