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Does the length of product description matter?


Products in the online store should encourage to buy, that’s why the emphasis is now on large quality pictures, precise specification and reliable description. The appearance of an online store is also important, whether it is responsive, whether the website functions quickly and the colors do not overwhelm. All these features are important for both the potential customer and the web browser robots, but it is the product descriptions that allow to create a base for SEO in terms of marketing content.

Short product description

A product should always have a picture and a description, even if we sell rubber bands that seem unimportant, because everyone knows what they are, what they look like and what they can be used for. The picture and text are as important as the product name, they should not be omitted. If you don’t have an idea or time to write a poem about rubber bands, create at least one sentence that Google will be able to index e.g.

Colourful 2 cm diameter rubber bands are perfect for binding herbs, hair or pile of banknotes.

Long product description

Standard product descriptions range from 1000-1500 characters with spaces. This length allows for free entry of 2 keywords into the text and for the factual presentation of goods. However, this range should not be limited. A good description can already fit within 500 characters with spaces, so if it is difficult to say more about a given thing, you can easily reduce words. Of course, nobody stands up for writing longer descriptions and here we are dealing with PRO descriptions.

Professional product descriptions

PRO descriptions are a very complex option of presenting the product, which contains all possible information about the product, complementing it with single photos or galleries, clearly dividing the text into paragraphs, making it more attractive with headers and listings. Each element is to convince people to buy from us, there is no place here to refer to the competition.
Professional product descriptions should contain answers to all questions that a customer could ask a stationary store employee. A well-written PRO description convinces that this is the product the customer is looking for, a product that will solve all the buyer’s problems.
Professional descriptions usually exceed 1500 characters with spaces, closer to pages from catalogues, where not only the presented product is described, but also refers to the history of a brand, series, compares with similar goods or services, encourages the purchase of "necessary" accessories, which will enrich the experience of offer.

There is one more type of product description, namely… no description.

Online store without product descriptions

The product description should not be confused with the product specification. The description may or even should include elements of specification, but as the name suggests, the product description should primarily describe the product. The product specification is used to list the most important features, it is also the basis for product filter in the online store. Adding technical data in place of description will not make the offer more attractive, especially if it is a repetition of information from the specification tab. An additional contraindication to such practices is duplication of the same content within the site, which does not comply with SEO.

Differences between the specification and description:

For example: A mixture of spring bulb flowers:


Quantity: 50 bulbs
Inflorescence color: Red, yellow, white, violet
Height: Low
Planting date: IX-XI
Flowering date: III-V
Purpose: Flower meadow


Are you dreaming of a beautiful garden in which colors will appear when the first days of spring come?

A mixture of spring bulb flowers will help you create a colourful bed that will break the sad look of a lawn on the newborn. Crocuses, tulips, sapphires, daffodils and hyacinths are easy to grow, don’t require any special substrate preparation, just put them in the ground in autumn to bloom in spring.

How to plant bulb plants?

The most important rule when planting a mixture of bulb plants is to dig the onion to a depth equal to double its height. Following this advice will protect the bulb from freezing. In addition, you can try to protect the plants from rodents using special baskets.

Creative product descriptions

Apart from the length, product descriptions in the online store can be divided into those that are written creatively and those that convey "dry knowledge".
Creative product descriptions should be like a good book – accessible to the public, with a clear message to help you choose between two identical offers. Sometimes funny associations and comparisons make you want a product that you don’t need. Take a look at the description of flower mix in the example above, most people will see the flower meadow they want to have in their own garden, but only a few will think how long it will take to plant and whether they have the strength to bend down to place bulbs into 50 holes in the ground that will eat vole before spring.

Description of "dry knowledge" type:

A mixture of flower bulbs with crocuses, tulips, sapphires, daffodils and hyacinths. In the autumn, the plants should be digged into the ground to a depth of two bulb heights. Depending on the location, flowering from March to May. Frost resistant species. Low soil requirements.

Creative description:

Do you dream of a garden as if it were an impressionist painting in which intertwining colour patches created modern art?
The colourful blend of spring flowers will allow you to create unforgettable compositions on a grey lawn canvas. Just put the bulbs into ground in the autumn, and as soon as the first snows melt and the sun’s rays warm the soil with their life-giving energy, you’ll see the leaves are green, and soon afterwards the flower buds.

Shovel, skewer or spade – how to plant bulbs?

Don’t worry about the lack of professional tools, you have to dig your bulbs to the depth of their two heights, so if you have a mini shovel, you can do it! If you’re afraid that rodents will devour them before the spring comes, it’s important to have bulb planting containers.


The length of product description in the online store is important for SEO as well as for the potential customer, but if you do not have an idea for an extended description, add at least one sentence – it is important that it relates to the offer.
Ciekawostki o towarze, sposoby wykorzystania czy korzyści płynące z użytkowania pozwalają przekonać potencjalnego kupca do wybrania określonej oferty.
Curiosities about the product, ways of use or benefits from use allow you to convince a potential buyer to choose a specific offer. When describing the goods in the online store, always try to pay attention to the features important for the buyer – the product user. Regardless of whether they are flowers, rubber bands or working clothes, focus on the benefits of their color, flexibility or cut, because the devil is in the details that will distinguish the offer from competition.

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