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Why a unique product description is so important?


Adding products to the online store can be carried out in several ways, but if you want the products to position well, you must take care of the quality of descriptions – you know why?

Entering products into the online store may be limited to the so-called ctr+c, ctr+v, i.e. copy/paste, which means that products are added on the basis of pages or price lists of the manufacturer or supplier – product name and description are the same or very similar to source texts. Adding products can be done manually or on the basis of importing a prepared file into the database, which is prepared by the manufacturer or supplier or receives a ready data package from the already mentioned: manufacturer or supplier. The advantage of this type of solution is the time and cost of filling the store’s website, data acquisition is quick and cheap, but is it really beneficial for the seller?

Purpose: organic positioning

Quickly and cheaply, it doesn’t mean well and this is where the problem of this type of solution lies. The copy/paste method is the quickest way to add products to the online store, you can instantly make new products appear on the website, but this does not mean that the store will appear in search engines. Disadvantage of this type of solution is duplication of information that has already been indexed by the search engine, so they are less interesting for the robot than the new, unique content. This method certainly answers the question: how to quickly add products to the online store, but in the long run is ineffective, but it can be turned into success.

Rough diamond: data to create a unique product description

Importing data into the online store based on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s price list certainly saves time, as well as manually adding products to the store, which will be based on copying and pasting descriptions and names, will speed up the entry of offer into database – such solutions have another advantage – allow you to get to know the product and see how it is described by other sellers. After introducing the basic description of product to the store, we already have a material that can be used; it can be called a diamond, which we have to polish and adjust to our needs. Usually, in files provided by the supplier or manufacturer we already have the basic fields defining the item, i.e. a set of features that indicate dimensions, color, shape, size, etc. When importing a file into database, you can assign fields from the price list to your fields in the database and save work while filling in the attributes of products. If we are lucky, we also receive a package of photos, which we can also import to our database, but remember to give the photos a name and ALT, which will correspond to the names of our products, it is important because of google graphics – after all, there we also want to appear with our offer.

Diamond polishing: product descriptions for the online store

If you have a data package, it is worth starting to polish a diamond, i.e. create great product descriptions for an online store. You are probably wondering why unique product descriptions are so important?
Search engines in their organic results position websites with valuable content higher – this is where it is a hint that it is worth working on unique content even in an online store. Creating several dozen or several hundred unique descriptions is certainly not a simple task, so if you don’t have the strength or ability to create original content for each product, you will focus on the range of goods that you want to promote in a special way. PRO products should have a personalized description that distinguishes them from other vendors’ offers. Imported to the database manufacturer’s product descriptions will help to create new content, can be based on them and in combination with attributes of the products create a unique description. It is worth considering whether you have a person in your team who can handle such a task, because despite having materials, you may not have the talent to build eye-catching content, then it is worth using the services of a copywriter. It may also happen that you have a talent, but all your energy must be spent on other tasks in the company, then it is also good to consider entrusting writing descriptions for products outside the company. It is also possible that you have everything you need to create unique content for the site, but how much you can write about... – Well, one hundred and eighty-first text about almost the same thing, is beginning to run out of veneer, let somebody look at it with a fresh eye.

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