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mBank Paynow for Virtuemart


Do you want to use mBank Paynow in Virtuemart? Now it is possible! Install our plugin in your VM based store and enjoy the transactions carried out by this online payment option!

mBank Paynow for Hikashop


Download mBank Paynow for Hikashop and enable quick payments in your store.

Przelewy24 for Virtuemart


Przelewy24 integration for Virtuemart allows you to start online payments in a Virtuemart store on Joomla 3.x.

Przelewy24 for Hikashop


Fast online payments should be easy to use, instant and safe. Plugin Ignisdev Przelewy24 for Hikashop will allow you to do this by integrating the Hikashop store with Przelewy24.

Tpay for Virtuemart


Do you want to run Tpay at Virtuemart? You're in the right place!

Tpay for Hikashop


Safe online payments in an online store based on Hikashop are within reach - the Tpay plugin for Hikashop for Joomla 3.x will allow you to integrate your website with Tpay trusted payments!

Joomla admin reCAPTCHA


The Joomla admin reCAPTCHA extension allows you to secure Joomla admin panel login form with the Google reCAPTCHA mechanism.

Stripe Checkout for Virtuemart


The extension for Joomla 3.x allows you to integrate the Virtuemart online store with the Stripe Checkout payment gateway. The payment is authenticated by SCA and 3D Secure.

Inpost Parcel Locker for Virtuemart


Inpost parcel lockers have revolutionized the world of online orders. Rapid delivery and a convenient way of collecting the parcel make customers very often choose this method of delivery.

Revolut Checkout for Virtuemart


Do you want to allow customers to finalize online transactions with payment cards in your Virtuemart-based store? You need Ignisdev Revolut Checkout plugin for Virtuemart!

Revolut Checkout for Hikashop


Do you have a Revolut Merchant account and want to use it fully by accepting online payments in your online store based on Hikashop? Revolut Checkout for Hikashop plugin for Joomla 3.x will make it possible for you!

Stripe Przelewy24 for Hikashop


Accepting Stripe Przelewy24 payments in Hikashop is now possible! SCA and 3D Secure ready.


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