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Something about us :)

Our experience comes from creating webstores where standard solutions aren't enough, because not every CMS will be working fine with thousands of available products on back-end and front-end. Sometimes we must thinking hard to get a functional and eye-friendly final result
From time to time we're creating something easier, like landing pages, blogs or personal pages.
If we don't do websites or modules, then we're providing services - every website must have own space, so we're also configuring servers.
Our friendship with internet is also friendship with words. Webstores needs products or sites descriptions, but not everyone who have site over internet, have army of employees to do this job. We can help you to create awesome descriptions or merging the product attributes in your online store.

Our daily job types:

  • Webstore
  • Landing page
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Business website
  • Personal website

and more...:

  • Server setup
  • Joomla extensions
  • Copywriting
  • Adding products to webstores
  • Back-end support
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