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Responsive website – what does it mean?

what mean responsive website

Every year, mobile devices take over more and more Internet traffic, they already generate more visits to websites than stationary devices, hence the growing interest in responsive websites. Do you know what RWD means?

Until recently, everyone wanted to get rid of a big computer box for a laptop, which took up less space and had an additional option – you could take it anywhere, use it in a shopping mall, cafe, university, and so on. Responsive side was needed by a few. Currently, no one can imagine leaving home without a smartphone, and the lack of Internet access is almost like a natural disaster. Every day we visit websites on phones and tablets, do shopping there, read, and talk to friends. Developers and website owners must adapt to this trend or accept that they will be invisible to a significant proportion of network users.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Static websites are no longer functional, they are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and their place is taken by responsive websites, i.e. those that “look nice” regardless of whether we display them on stationary or mobile equipment. Responsive Web Design, or RWD briefly, means that the website has been adapted to display different types of devices on different screen sizes. A website designed in accordance with RWD is convenient for the user as it automatically adapts to the resolution of display of a smartphone or tablet, but also to the monitor of a desktop computer and laptop screen, so regardless of the tool used to view the website, it will always look good and the user will be able to navigate through it easily.

What is a mobile website?

Responsive website also has its own alternative, which is a mobile website that is usually a supplement to the standard version of website. Solutions of this type entail considerable costs, because it is necessary to create two separate websites, and of course to manage two services. A mobile website needs separate URL (usually preceded by letter “m” http://m.site), a separate CMS and new content (or redirecting 301 if the content is a copy of desktop page), but it is "lighter" than a standard responsive website. Mobile pages are mainly informative, often have less graphics than the “stationary” version, hence their low weight. Properly configured responsive website can also weigh a little, and thus – quickly load on smartphones or tablets, so if you have RWD, it is usually not worth investing in a separate mobile website. Please note that the mobile website is dedicated exclusively to mobile devices, so it will be displayed incorrectly by laptops and computers (its layout will not adapt to their screens). However, it cannot be ruled out that in the future it will be standard to have two versions of websites – RWD and mobile.

Google likes responsive websites

Desktop version of the website is not only outdated in terms of usability, its functionality is also limping in the sphere of search engine positioning. Google supports mobile-friendly websites, and those that are not adapted to them will not be displayed in search results on this type of equipment. RWD is not only a useful option; it is a necessity if we want our online store or website to be visible on the web.

What if my website is not responsive?

It may not be possible to adapt an old website to mobile devices, and if you decide to change, it will certainly incur considerable costs – in most cases it is better to create a new website from scratch. In this way, in addition to adapting the technology to the needs of users and Google, we give our customers a clear message that we do not stand still, our company is constantly developing following modern technology, we want to make it easier for customers to reach our business and enable them to contact us from every level of equipment.

If you care about mobile Internet users, you already know what a responsive website is and how RWD can improve the position of your website in Google, do not hesitate to create it. On RWD you can only gain – more site views, better positioning results and satisfaction of visitors to our site. It’s worth it!

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