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How to remotely install the operating system from your ISO image?

own dedicated server with own operating system

Having your own dedicated server in OVH sometimes involves the need to remotely install the operating system from your own ISO image. If you want to do it quickly, we have a short instruction for you.

Installation of an operating system from your own ISO image on OVH dedicated server is not difficult, but it requires time, peace of mind and forcing your brain to cooperate in order not to make a mistake. It will take the most time to upload the image to server; the next steps are just formalities.

In this Article:

  1. OVH Client Panel
  2. IPMI

Tutorial – How to install the operating system remotely from your own ISO image on a leased server dedicated to OVH


Log in to the OVH Client Panel

go to "Dedicated" tab,
from the list in left column select the dedicated server on which the new system will be installed,
in "Server status" tab -> in "Service status" section – Switch off "Monitoring" (on a system not installed from OVH template, the monitoring doesn’t work). Additionally, make sure that "Boot" of the server is set to "hd (Boot from hard drive (no netboot))".

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