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MediaWiki 1.3x with Parsoid server, Visual Editor over SSL and Nginx and ISPConfig 3 (Debian 9)


In this article we will focus on configuring the Parsoid server and Visual Editor with an encrypted SSL connection and PHP and Nginx directives in the ISPConfig 3 panel for a site running on MediaWiki 1.3x (Debian 9).

Why Parsoid and Visual Editor in the wiki?

MediaWiki with Parsoid and Visual Editor will take care of the visual quality of the presented materials, and this in turn will affect the willingness to work with the wiki by people who edit the topics and people who are to use the gathered knowledge.

MediaWiki + Parsoid i+ Visual Editor = recipe for successful installation

The undeniable advantage of using Parsoid and Visual Editor in conjunction with MediaWiki is access to the visual editor, thanks to which the wiki user does not necessarily need to be able to use HTML - of course skill in using HTML tags is welcome, but not necessary for entering content. n addition, you do not need to know the tag table, e.g. a category tag, because all elements are mapped in an accessible way for the person working on the articles in MediaWiki.

In this Article:

  1. Parsoid installation
  2. Setting Parsoid over SSL
  3. Nginx, PHP, ISPConfig 3 directives

Assuming that you already have a correctly added and configured domain in the ISPConfig 3 panel with the Let's Encrypt certificate generated, first install the Parsoid server.


Parsoid installation

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