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Company knowledge database – How to use MediaWiki in business?


A private knowledge database, accessible only to a selected group of people, can make life in the company much easier. All procedures are available in one place, and a leave or change of employee will not cause a suspension of work if even the slightest error occurs. Just have a look at MediaWiki, check the guidelines and get to work!

Company knowledge database – instructions in documents

Traditional instructions have a disadvantage, usually in paper form or in dozens of files, where it is difficult to find the one that concerns the current problem. In addition, there are modifications made by each person on whose computer there is a given instruction, so if the procedure is saved in the file of e.g. three persons, and there is any change in the procedure, you can expect that at least one person will make a note in his instruction, but will not replace the file in a place where others could download it with the change made, or you can assume that all three persons have private comments in their files and will not want to share their thoughts.

Company knowledge database in MediaWiki – one place for instructions

Private MediaWiki enables to organize your knowledge database, group information, add graphics, photos or screenshots from your operation, and most importantly, it is user-friendly for data entry – easy to use, legible and irreplaceable!

The main advantage of the company’s MediaWiki is its accessible form, which most people have encountered in their private and professional lives – Wikipedia is based on the MediaWiki engine. Knowing how a wiki works makes the company’s knowledge database easy to use, and using it becomes natural.

With MediaWiki, all of the company instructions are in one place, and any authorized user can modify an item at any time to keep the content, formulas, and commands up-to-date.

MediaWiki’s advantages in the company:

The general access to information that is made available to each company department enables to benefit from the experience of other teams. Knowledge management in this way can accelerate the work by allowing solutions originally intended for specific tasks to be used – through minor modifications, they can be adapted for another project.
The knowledge database created in MediaWiki also allows for relieving employees when a new person appears in the company. Most of the issues that will occur should be in the wiki, and this should be the first place to find the answer "how to do it"?
However, it is important to remember that… For a new employee to enjoy clear instructions, his predecessors should keep the current information in their knowledge database.
Convenient search by password – just enter the phrase in the search engine to obtain results that may potentially contain the answer to the problem the employee has encountered.
Wiki in the company can also be used to document a specific project, describe the program’s functionality, save commands such as SQL.
Possibility of discussing items – people without the possibility of modifying content can report errors in instructions or executable commands saved in MediaWiki.
The visible date of the last modification enables to check whether the item has already been adapted to new guidelines related to procedure changes or software updates in the company. In addition, it is possible to set up change notifications so that you can view the modification history or control employees whether and when they have made a requested update to the content. The history is also visible from the item view panel.
As MediaWiki is an open source, it can be graphically customized to suit your needs. The knowledge database can be either in the company’s colors or its layout can remain as simple as the original Wikipedia.
A brilliant option that is available in MediaWiki is the possibility to install an extension that enables to use the wiki conveniently from your smartphone – anywhere, anytime you can browse or make changes to an item.
Installation of MediaWiki on a private server ensures that your data is secure.

There is still a lot to be written about the advantages and options of your own wiki, so let’s conclude by saying that MediaWiki can also be used for other types of solutions, not necessarily related to standard business. This type of knowledge database is very often used by game developers (e.g. Minecraft) or fans of a series of books and films (e.g. Fandom Wiki).

If you're looking for information on how to install MediaWiki on your own server >> Click here :)

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