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Ignisdev Trus Kindergarten Joomla Template User Guide

Knowledge base
Here you can find main information about Ignisdev Trus Joomla template.

1. Content

1.1. Joomla 3.9.0
1.2. Helix3 2.5.5
1.3. SP Page Builder 3.2.9
1.4. SP Simple Portfolio 1.6
1.5. CoalaWeb Contact 1.1.4

2. Requirements

2.1. Apache 2.x or NGINX 10.x
2.2. MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB 10.x
2.3. Fast CGI or php-fpm
2.4. PHP 7.x

3. Installation

 Download ZIP archive using link available in your order confirmation e-mail or  by logging to your account at www.ignisdev.com/en/customer-account.
Extract files and send them to your server using your favourite FTP client, in example FileZilla or WinSCP.
Go to your website, pointing to place where your files were upload, in example www.yourdomain.com if uploaded files are in root directory of your website or  www.yourdomain.com/trus if your files are in subdirectory „trus” on your server.
Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

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