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Ignisdev sitemap generator for Joomla

Knowledge base
Sitemap generator for Joomla.

1. Contents

It's only Command Line Interface (CLI) application.
Generated sitemap is compatible with www.sitemaps.org schemes.
Generator is working on both Unix and Windows servers.
Support for websites with tens/hundreds of thousands elements, biggest website (shop), on which generator was tested, had database with over 150000 active products (Hikashop).

1.1. Main sitemap (map index) is available in root directory of Joomla installation in sitemap.xml file.
1.2. Related sitemaps with website urls for given elements are available in sitemap subdirectory in root directory of Joomla installation (/sitemap/*).
1.3. Sitemaps also include elements images (categories, articles, products etc.).
1.4. All groups of elements are present in a separate sitemap (Joomla categories group, Joomla articles group, Hikashop products group, Hikashop categories group, K2 categories group, K2 articles group K2 users group).
1.5. Maximal urls per one sitemap is 49999, if there's more urls to be included in sitemap, then elements are divided into more files.

2. Requirements

2.1. It's necessary to fill canonical url fields for Hikashop products and categories. In Hikashop configuration it's good to have canonical autofilling option turned on.
2.2. At least one menu postition for K2 category is needed.
2.3. For proper working on multilanguage websites you must associate elements, then in sitemap for given main url there'll be an alternative url for other language versions. Multilanguage plugin must be turned on. Every element, i.e. Joomla article, K2 category etc., must have language set in which it was write. If website there's only one language, there's no need to set language for given element.
2.4. Default website language (frontend) is a basic location for urls, i.e. when frontend language is en-GB - main element url will containt "/en/" in its address, in case of other different language i.e. pl-PL - an alternative url will contain "/pl/" in its address with proper alias (multilanguage plugin must be active).
2.5. If the element is not to be included in the sitemap, it has to set in metadata options (if there're available in given component) parameter robots to "noindex[...]". It can be set in given element, i.e. Joomla article, but also it can be set in item menu position assigned to given element.
2.6. An elements will be included in sitemap if they're active and they've set public access (they not requiring to login before viewing content), otherwise login page would be indexed instead of target page.
2.7. Suggested website system requirements: Unix/Windows, PHP 7.x, MySQL >=5.6, Joomla 3.x.
2.8. Input parameter baseUrl it's current domain address, which the site map refers to. If baseUrl is not set, then domain address is taken from Joomla global configuration (live site field), if live site field also is not set, then sitemap generator will stop working with proper error message and won't generate sitemap. Parameter baseUrl or live site is required for generating Joomla sitemap.

3. Installation instruction

Download purchased Sitemap generator for Joomla extension via your customer account available on our website.
On your website in the Joomla admin panel go to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
Choose Upload Package File tab.
Choose file_sitemap_generator.zip file from your disk to install it.

4. Sample usage

4.1. CLI Unix:

/usr/bin/php "/your_joomla_base_directory_path/cli/ignisdev_sitemap.php" --baseUrl="http://www.yourwebsite.com"

4.2. CLI Windows Xampp:

C:\xampp\php\php.exe "C:\xampp\htdocs\your_joomla_directory\cli\ignisdev_sitemap.php" --baseUrl="http://www.yourwebsite.com"

4.3. How to set Cron?
Cron can be set to any hour, the best option is to set the Cron to night time, when the website traffic is smallest, this is especially important when your website contains tens/hundreds of thousands elements. Unix php Cron run at 2:00AM with file path to ignisdev_sitemap.php should look similar to:

0 0 2 * * * * /usr/bin/php "/your_joomla_directory/cli/ignisdev_sitemap.php" --baseUrl="http://www.yourwebsite.com"

4.4. Submitting sitemap to Google search Console or other similar webmaster tools
In Google Search Console submit only main sitemap file, which is: http://www.yourwebsite.com/sitemap.xml, because it's an index of all your sitemaps available elements located in sitemap subdirectory, which is located in main directory of your Joomla website.

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