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Ignisdev Klarna Payments for Hikashop

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Klarna Payments plugin for Joomla Hikashop.

1. Contents

What is Klarna Payments?

Klarna Payments allows you to finance purchases in your online store through the Klarna service. With Klarna Payments, the customer of your store has the possibility to choose from payment methods such as Pay now, Pay later or Split payment; they can also pay by card. In addition, Klarna Payments offers your customers the opportunity to try the product before purchase, finance purchases in your store or use other payment options provided by Klarna. Read more at:




The plugin allows you to integrate the Klarna payment widget with your Hikashop store. The plugin automatically collects the data provided by the customer, based on it displays the available Klarna services and verifies the possibility of their implementation. After placing the order in your store, an order is created in the Klarna system, where it is possible to further process it, and the customer is shown a page with thanks for placing the order. Remember that Klarna is available in certain countries: https://www.klarna.com/uk/business/merchant-support/in-which-countries-can-i-use-klarna.

1.1. Supports Pay now, Pay later and Split it.
 Multilanguage support.
1.3. Configure as any other Hikashop payment plugin.
1.4. Easy debug mode.
1.5. Latest Klarna API version.
1.6. Redirect to default or custom menu item page after successful checkout process.

2. Requirements

2.1. PHP 5.5.0 or later.
2.2. PHP extensions: curl, mbstring and json.
2.3. Klarna Payments requires you to have a https (SSL) on your website.
Note: if any requirement will not be met you'll be notified during plugin configuration.
2.4. Hikashop Free or Business 3.0 or newer and Joomla 3.x or newer.
2.5. Klarna Payments requires customer billing address.

3. Installation instruction

Download purchased Ignisdev Klarna Payments for Hikashop via your customer account available on our website.
On your website at the Joomla admin panel go to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
Choose Upload Package File tab.
Choose plg_ignisdev_klarna_payments.zip file from your disk to install it.
 Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find plugin Ignisdev Klarna Payments for Hikashop and enable it.
 Go to Hikashop System -> Payment methods, press "New" button and choose Ignisdev Klarna Payments for Hikashop.
If you don't have your Klarna API login and password yet, go to the Klarna panel, Settings > (Preferences) Settings > Generate new API credentials and create API login and password. If you want to use your test login and password, register at this address and follow the previous instructions: https://playground.eu.portal.klarna.com/developer-sign-up. Paste the login and password into the payment method configuration fields, if it is test data, select Yes in the option above the login and password fields. Fill in other fields and set other plugin options if needed. Don't forget to publish your payment method.

Configuration fields description
Environment urls - Klarna service zone. Available options are Europe and the USA. Depends on your Klarna account.
Is test API? - login and password version.
API username - Klarna API login.
API password - Klarna API password.
Mode - plugin mode. Choose to pay Klarna on the Klarna website or on the store page.
Send items details - choose to send product details to Klarna or just send total order price.
Register Klarna order - choose to record orders on the Klarna side (visible in the Klarna dashboard).
Debug - turn on or off debugging. Logs can be found in the Hikashop payment logs directory (check Hikashop configuration for exact directory location, default is media/com_hikashop/upload/safe/logs). Also some Javascript messages will be visible during checkout process.
Invalid status - order status for cancelled payments.
Verified status - order status for successful payments.
Redirect url - menu item position for each available language for redirecting customer after successful payment. Leave default for Hikashop default after end page.

Note: you can override any message, including thank you message after purchase. See en-GB.plg_hikashoppayment_ignisdev_klarna_payments.ini file in your admin languages directory to check available constants.

4. Sample usage

4.1. Video with an example usage of the Klarna Payments plugin for Hikashop:

Available for purchase here!

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