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Ignisdev Hobex for Virtuemart installation guide

Knowledge base
Hobex payment plugin for Joomla Virtuemart.

1. Contents

Hobex extension instructions for Virtuemart describes step by step how to install Hobex payments addon on Joomla Virtuemart based store.

If you're looking for the Virtuemart Hobex extension, find it here: Hobex for Virtuemart.

1.1. Support for all payments available under your Hobex account.
 Multilanguage support.
1.3. Configure as any other Virtuemart payment plugin.
1.4. Choice of three different card form styles: card, logos and plain.
1.5. Easy debug mode.
1.6. API COPYandPAY.

2. Requirements

2.1. PHP 5.6.0 or later.
2.2. PHP extensions: curl, mbstring and json.
2.3. Hobex requires that you have https (SSL) on your site. The payment method works without SSL only if you use the test mode.
Note: if any requirement will not be met you'll be notified during plugin configuration.
2.4. Virtuemart 3.0 or newer and Joomla 3.x or newer.

3. Installation instruction

Download purchased Ignisdev Hobex for Virtuemart via your customer account available on our website.
On your website at the Joomla admin panel go to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
Choose Upload Package File tab.
Choose plg_ignisdev_vm_hobex.zip file from your disk to install it.
 Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find plugin Ignisdev Hobex for Virtuemart and enable it.
 Go to Virtuemart dashboard, Shop -> Payment Methods, press "New" button and choose Ignisdev Hobex for Virtuemart from "Payment Method" dropdown list.
If you do not have your Authorization Bearer key yet, go to Hobex Administration > Account data > Merchant / Channel Info to create it. Test mode does not require a customer number or Authorization Bearer. Paste the keys into the payment method configuration fields. Fill out other fields and set other plugin options if needed. Don't forget to publish your payment method.

Configuration fields description
Hobex merchant entity identifier - Hobex customer entity identifier.
Hobex authorization bearer - authorization key, available in the Hobex panel: Administration > Account data > Merchant / Channel Info.
Brands - available Hobex payment brands. You can add more than one Virtuemart payment method and select Hobex payment brand for each one (recommended) or you can display more than one Hobex payment options within one Virtuemart payment method. Usable brands are defined in your Hobex agreement. At least one selected option is required.
Card form style - Hobex credit / debit card form style.
Send items details - choose whether to send products, payment and shipping details to Hobex. If you choose "No", then details at Hobex page about items for which customer pays will not be visible - the only visible information will be a total amount and order number.
Test mode - test mode of the Hobex payment plugin. When enabled, the entity identifier and authorization bearer fields are not required.
Debug - turn on or off debugging.
Pending status - status for new orders.
Success status -
order status for successful payments.
Invalid status
- order status for cancelled payments.
SSL cert verification - when enabled, the SSL certificate on your site will be verified for its provider. If you have problems with self-signed SSL certificates, disable this option.

Note: you can override any message, including thank you message seen after purchase. See en-GB.plg_vmpayment_ignisdev_hobex.ini file in your admin languages directory to check available constants.

4. Sample usage

4.1. Video with an example usage of the Hobex payment plugin for Virtuemart:

Available for purchase here!

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