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What do I need to have own webstore?

Own webstore what I need

Apparently, anyone can have own web store - server, domain, website and products are the only things you need. Is it true?

Having your own online shop is easy, it takes a few minutes to buy a domain, then you can get one of ready to use web store platforms, you need to add products, give status "published" or "available" to product and wait for an order. There are few more questions: do you want to have e-shop but you're not familiar with backend interface, so you can't add a product to your own shop or maybe you don't have time to make a description for your products? Of course, we don't decide to have an online store and do not have goods in it.

Time is money

Even if the issue of domain and page was quickly solved, adding products to new online shop takes a lot of time. The product, in which we have a small amount of information and one low-quality photo, will not be interesting for our customers, over Internet people "buy with their eyes", so we must be sure that product has the best description that we can do - it will also help in organic positioning. What's more, if we have all information about a product from our manufacturer/supplier, we must adapt it to our needs, arrange and add it to our backend.
Unfortunately, such simple operations take time to do, if we're going to create a short description, we must focus and write something that will convince the customer to our product and our shop is worth to trust. Price is important, but it's not always the most important thing.

How to make product description?

Think for a moment, if you'll find an interesting product on a website and if product name and attractive price are the only given information, will you buy it? Or maybe you'll consider such website as not functioning? Your potential customer thinks the same way and will leave to another store where'll be more information given, so it's worth to have an extensive description of your products with some custom additional fields. Modern store scripts have custom fields, so we can make attributes for our products such as dimensions, colour, type etc.

What about categories?

This issue is quite earlier than adding products, but if we're thinking about our shop, we think about products which we'll be selling, but we forgot about categories. When we're preparing to open own e-shop, we can't only take products into account, we must think also about categories in our store. We can have only 5 categories as well as there can be 5 main categories with 100 subcategories. If you think about own online store, you must remember that each category and subcategory and their child categories must have own name, also you can reserve your time for adding meta tags.

It's only a small piece of information needed if you want to open your own online store. We hope we've helped you a little bit in your thoughts.

If you need more information about creating own online store, please do not hesitate to >> contact us.

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