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Do I need custom fields in my webstore?

Custom fields in shop online

Did you ever wonder why do you need custom fields in your webstore? It's only time wasting, your employee will be adding fields like dimension, colour, type etc. rather than entering everything in the description. But is it really a waste of time?

When you're starting your journey with own webstore, you’ll have few products, so attributes seem to be not necessary, but do you want to have only a few products "for the beginning"? Probably not - you’re paying for the online shop and you want to make a progress in time.

What is product attribute?

Custom fields, also known as product attributes, are something which seems to be not important, however, they allow you to provide to customers products filtering by products attributes. If your webstore have few products, filters may seem to be an overstatement, because potential customers will not have a problem with finding the model, colour, size or another attribute of the product in such small assortment. Expanding the offer makes it systematically more difficult to find a product. Providing the ability to search for goods by attributes can make your webstore different from the competition and become more customer friendly.

It is worth to start immediately

Remember, even if you’re not planning filters at the beginning, the sooner you’ll start filling attributes in the backend, you’ll have less work when your assortment will be increased to an amount, that filters will be necessary.

How to start to work with attributes?

When you will be planning your online store, including in your project additional fields which will appear next to products, make sure if custom fields will be the same in all categories or maybe each product category will have specific fields? Asking yourself a few simple questions at the beginning will help you in the future, you will save time and money. In a database where we have everything in one field, separation of information into individual fields can force us to recreate all data from the beginning - which we do not wish anyone.

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