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Ignisdev Stripe Checkout plugin for Virtuemart installation guide

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Stripe Checkout plugin for Joomla Virtuemart.

1. Contents

What is Stripe Checkout?

Stripe allows customers to make online payments by credit card. The mechanism of the Stripe account is similar to a standard bank account, all thanks to the cooperation with banks and financial institutions. When placing an order in the online store and selecting the Stripe payment method, a unique, secure payment page is generated that allows customer to complete the transaction. Read more at https://stripe.com/payments/checkout.

Stripe Checkout for Virtuemart allows you to integrate the Stripe Checkout payment gateway with your Joomla VM3-based store. After placing an order in the store, the extension seamlessly redirects the customer to the Stripe gateway where the customer enters his card details. After a positive or canceled payment, the customer is redirected back to the vendor's website.

1.1. Supports Stripe one-time payments.
 Multilanguage support.
1.3. Configure as any other Virtuemart payment plugin.
1.4. Choose whether you want to create customers on the Stripe side or not. Customers can be managed through Stripe Dashboard.
1.5. Easy debug mode.
1.6. Latest Stripe API version.

2. Requirements

2.1. PHP 5.6.0 or later.
2.2. PHP extensions: curl, mbstring and json.
2.3. Stripe Checkout requires you to have a https (SSL) on your website. Payment method will work without SSL only if you're using Stripe test keys.
Note: if any requirement will not be met you'll be notified during plugin configuration.
2.4. Virtuemart 3.x and Joomla 3.x or newer.

3. Installation instruction

Download purchased Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Virtuemart via your customer account available on our website.
On your website at the Joomla admin panel go to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
Choose Upload Package File tab.
Choose ignisdev_vm_stripe_checkout.zip file from your disk to install it.
 Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find plugin Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Virtuemart and enable it.
 Go to Virtuemart dashboard, Shop -> Payment Methods, press "New" button and choose Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for Virtuemart from "Payment Method" dropdown list.
 If you haven't got your Stripe publishable key and secret key yet, go to Stripe Dashboard > Developers > API keys and create the API standard keys. If you want to use test keys, being on the API keys page switch Viewing test data option. Respectively paste your keys to your plugin configuration fields, no matter if they're production or test keys. Fill in other fields and choose other options as needed. Don't forget to publish your payment method.

Configuration fields description
Stripe publishable key - API public key generated from Stripe Dashboard at Developers section.
Stripe secret key - API private key generated from Stripe Dashboard at Developers section.
Send items details - choose whether to send products, payment and shipping details to Stripe Checkout. If you choose "No", then details at Stripe Checkout page about items for which customer pays will not be visible - the only visible information will be a total amount and order number.
Send coupon details - choose whether to send coupon details to Stripe. If yes, Stripe total price will be discounted at Stripe gateway (may be necessary in some scenarios).
Create Stripe Customer - enable or disable creation of customers on the Stripe side.
Debug - turn on or off debugging.
Pending status - status for new orders.
Success status - 
order status for successful payments.
Invalid status
 - order status for cancelled payments.

Note: you can override any message, including thank you message after purchase. See en-GB.plg_vmpayment_ignisdev_stripe_checkout.ini file in your admin languages directory to check available constants.

4. Sample usage

4.1. Video with an example usage of the Stripe Checkout payment plugin for Virtuemart:

Available for purchase here!

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