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Ignisdev Stripe Checkout plugin for RSForm! installation guide

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Stripe Checkout plugin for Joomla RSForm!.

1. Contents

RSForm! is an easy to use extension for Joomla that allows you to create extensive contact forms on your website. It can be used to place orders in which only the customer's message and personal data are needed to perform the service. To speed up the RSForm! checkout process can be combined with fast online payments - Ignisdev Stripe Checkout plugin for RSForm! makes it possible. Below is the instruction for installing the add-on on a site built on Joomla.

1.1. Supports Stripe one-time payments.
 Multilanguage support.
1.3. Configure as any other RSForm! payment plugin.
1.4. Easy debug mode.
1.5. Latest Stripe API version.

2. Requirements

2.1. PHP 5.6.0 or later.
2.2. PHP extensions: curl, mbstring and json.
2.3. Stripe Checkout requires you to have a https (SSL) on your website. Payment method will work without SSL only if you're using Stripe test keys.
2.4. RSForm! 3.x and Joomla 3.7 or newer.

3. Installation instruction

Download purchased Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for RSForm! via your customer account available on our website.
On your website at the Joomla admin panel go to: Extensions -> Manage -> Install.
Choose Upload Package File tab.
Choose plg_ignisdev_rsform_stripe_checkout.zip file from your disk to install it.
 Go to Extensions -> Plugins, find plugin Ignisdev Stripe Checkout for RSForm! and enable it.
Go to the RSForm! dashboard, Configuration -> Stripe Checkout.
 If you haven't got your Stripe publishable key and secret key yet, go to Stripe Dashboard > Developers > API keys and create the API standard keys. If you want to use test keys, being on the API keys page switch Viewing test data option. Respectively paste your keys to configuration fields, no matter if they're production or test keys. Fill in other fields and choose other options as needed.
In the RSForm! edit form add a hidden field (Payment) Ignisdev Stripe Checkout, Choose payment field and Single product or Multiple products field as you can see on the demo video below.

Configuration fields description
Stripe publishable key - API public key generated from Stripe Dashboard at Developers section.
Stripe secret key - API private key generated from Stripe Dashboard at Developers section.
Debug - turn on or off debugging.
Return URL - optional field. It will redirect the user to the given address after the payment is made.
Cancel URL - optional field. It will redirect the user to the given address after canceling the payment.

4. Sample usage

4.1. Video with an example usage of the Stripe Checkout payment plugin for RSForm!:

Available for purchase here!

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