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What is Google SERP – Search Engine Results Page?


You use Google search engine every day, you receive search results in response to your questions, did you know that it is SERP?

What is SERP?

SERP is the Search Engine Results Page. You have probably used the Google search engine more than once to find the information you are interested in – after typing an entry and clicking on the magnifying glass or enter on the keyboard, under the bar, answers to your query jumped out, this is SERP.

Basic types of SERP

Google divides search results into two types: paid (ads) and free (organic, otherwise natural). In each of groups, there are specific numbers of answers to the query, additionally, they have a fixed order, that is: Google SERP search results layout

Google SERP layout
Graphics: Search results layout (Google SERP)

AdWords advertisements

The first results in SERP are sponsored links, they can appear up to maximum 4. If for a given phrase or keyword nobody has set up an advertisement in AdWords we will immediately see organic results.

Organic results

Subsequent search results are organic, there are 10 of them in total. Theoretically, the most valuable websites should appear here, responding to the asked question or phrase. There is no proven recipe how to get to this SERP site, because Google does not provide guidelines – simply, the site is supposed to be valuable, so you can assume that the content on it will really help the user. As for the knowledge, which is no secret, certainly, a better position in organic results is influenced by SEO, Google likes websites that among others have properly optimized code, are responsive, contain keywords, are rich in content, updated, have https, etc.

Local information

Between the first and second block, a map with marked points sometimes appears – these are local results. The box with Google Maps appears when the search engine determines that we are looking for companies near our location. The algorithm can display it after typing a specific query with the city, but it also handles the omission of a city in the query by showing the nearest points of our location, which may provide services in the scope of the search phrase. Google determines our position, for example, by reference to your IP address or by reference to your location in the browser.

Advertising block

Then you can see 3 or 4 results with sponsored links to AdWords ads. If you wonder why they didn’t appear in the first block, the answer is quite simple, Google depends on the users, so they won’t push all the ads at the top, as this would make it difficult to use the search engine. So why do some ads go to the top 4 and others land at the bottom? It all depends on the auction of ads and the ranking of ads, which consists of many factors such as the rate per click, accuracy, target quality rating (more about the ranking of Google ads).

Searches similar to...

Ultimately, every Google SERP closes "Similar searches", the most popular searches similar to our query. You can find here e.g. questions containing the phrase used by us without a change, but there are also changed forms – if you are considering keywords or phrases to describe our products or articles, it is worth looking here to find out what our customers could look for.

These are not all possible search results, because Google’s browser has more SERP options, but the above-mentioned ones appear most often and almost every time we query (except for advertisements, sometimes they do not exist). The aim of SEO is to be in the top 10 of organic results, and the aim of SEM will be to be in the top 4 paid results, so you should know Google mechanisms to improve the position of your website.

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