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How to blog your business – what do you need to know?


Browsing through various websites you can see that there is a bookmark called blog, but often there are 1-2 articles that were added some time ago. Often you can see that these are the content that was created as a part of starting the site to smuggle some industry-related keywords, but no one asked themselves if there is a person in the business who will be willing and, most importantly, the skills to run a company blog. It’s possible that the company to which the website belongs is a specialist in its field, maybe it could even share its expertise, but it simply doesn’t have time for this type of additional activities.

What do you need to run a company blog?

Running a company blog is a time-consuming activity, which consists of:
selection of topics,
selection of keywords,
writing texts,
finding the right images,
formatting the content of articles,
completing it with selected images,
introducing in back-up,
adding a meta,
checking that everything is displayed correctly.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, you need SEO knowledge, a lightweight pen and basic knowledge of HTML, because professionally formatted blog texts are beyond the scope of a WYSIWYG editor. Sometimes for satisfactory results you need a programmer to modify the .css files so that the styles in articles are displayed correctly or to enrich the article view.

How do I choose text topics for the company’s blog?

There are several ways to choose the right topics for your company blog, it is important that the articles contain key phrases and address issues related to the industry within which you are involved.

We write about what we know

If we are an expert in our field, and if we run a specific business we should create ourselves as an expert in the subject, we describe issues that seem important to us from the client’s point of view. Customer questions are a box of ideas that can positively influence SEO, because most often they are issues of interest to many people. They can be topics related to assembly, cleaning, advantages and disadvantages of products, as well as information about new series of manufacturers or reviews of goods.

We write about what is sold in our competition

Often the first step to improve the company’s website is the new competition website that has taken over our customers. A modern website that sells usually goes hand in hand with a conscious approach to organic positioning. It is worth to observe the competition and create content that is better in terms of content.

We use keyword planners

A conscious company blog is based on an in-depth analysis of the data that provides positioning tools. Keywords can be selected among the most common queries of website users, i.e. analysis of what they type in the search engine within our website or selection in Google’s Keyword Planner, which will help you find words related to products or services from a given industry. Free SEO tools are a great starter option when we don’t have the resources to access the advanced options.

Writing texts for a company blog – research

If you have the topics of articles on the blog you can start working on the texts. At this stage, you need to do the so-called "research", i.e. check what the competition has written on this topic, look through Google’s SERP search, gather information, analyze and organize – this is the basis for working on a good blog article.

In determining the headlines dividing the text, it is worth using answerthepublic.com, a SEO tool that will tell you what questions Google users are asking. Once you’ve completed this part, you can start writing a text that shouldn’t be too short or too long to illustrate: 1 page of standardized text in Word is about 3000 characters with spaces. At this point, the article you are reading has more than 4000 characters with spaces, and as you can see, still not all issues related to editing texts on the company blog have been discussed.

Light pen and writer’s block and the company’s blog

You can assume that everyone knows how to write, so writing a text for a blog is trivially simple, hence the belief that "writing is not work," but is it? Just take a look at company blogs to see that a well-run blog is another job in the company. Of course, if only we have the skills, time and willingness to write texts ourselves – to illustrate how it looks like in practice: good texts on the site lead to an increase in the number of customers, so even if we have a copywriting talent, it may turn out that a multitude of activities will make it impossible to run a blog, and from a SEO point of view, regular expansion with new content and updating the site is essential for the development of a company website.

When you run a company’s blog on your own, a closed circle is created: continuous blogging improves the visibility of your site on the Internet, this leads to an increase in the number of potential customers, so lack of time makes it impossible to edit a blog, the site is not expanded, there is a lack of new content and updates to the old ones, visibility in browsers is reduced, there is a decrease in the number of customers, then we have time to run a blog, so we create new content, improve visibility… etc.

Blog texts written by a copywriter

The company’s development can effectively prevent blogging with your own hands, then it is worthwhile to focus on analyzing the industry’s keywords and having the person whose professional life revolves around writing. The copywriter should be given guidelines and key phrases on the basis of which the text will be created. When selecting people who will write texts on our blog, it is important to pay attention to whether there are any spelling mistakes, stylistic and grammatical mistakes, as well as substantive ones in the sample text, because the Internet will accept every nonsense, but not the readers.

Ready texts for your blog, what next?

We have found the keywords, we have ready texts, now we have to enter them on the site.

Time of adding content to the blog depends on the text length, number of formatting tags entered, possible linking and images to be posted in the article.

Short texts up to 3000 characters with spaces, with headlines, listings, links and at least 5 images take up approx. 40-60 minutes of work. This time also includes optimization of images for SEO. Finding suitable images in photo databases or preparing graphics on your own is not included in this time – these include extra hours.

In the text, apart from headings, the following may appear: list, bold, tilt, italic, underline, lines, anchors. The WYSIWYG editor enables basic formatting of the text on your blog and adding images within the article, but it will not help with tagging the anchors or entering additional tags, e.g. if you define your own style for the dividing line inside the text in .css, you have to enter your tag in the article code each time. Professional text formatting on a company blog does not use the WYSIWYG editor, the text is formatted and entered as HTML code.

Where to get photos on your blog?

It’s a good idea to enrich your text with photos or graphics that you need to create or find.

The company blog can use photos from manufacturers, often brands provide materials for publication under agreements with partners. If you don’t have your own pictures or those from the manufacturer, you need to take time to search through free photo databases such as Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels.

Depending on the text category, selecting images can be more or less laborious. Articles from the lifestyle category are usually easy to illustrate, but if our blog is a niche, then you will need to create your own image database.

Whether you create the images yourself or get them from the manufacturer, you’ll need to optimize them, so once you’ve taken hours to find/create the perfect image, you’ll need to reduce them without losing quality and then enter them into the text according to SEO rules – you can read more about that here: Image positioning, i.e. Optimization of graphics for the website.

Blogging order

Running a company blog is a complex process that takes a lot of time, so many companies decide to entrust the copywriter with writing texts. Currently also finding images in free photo databases is often outsourced. If you don’t have space in the office to put up another desk, you can also have the texts formatted on your blog and entered on the site, and you can only do the analysis of results yourself.

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