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Company blog on the store’s website – why is it worth it?

is it worth to have company blog

A company blog gains more and more fans, because a well-run one can attract crowds of Internet users who not only increase the traffic on the website, but also as they look for a solution to their problems, get acquainted with the company’s offer.

Interestingly managed blog on the store’s website is a good way to increase the reach of company’s website, as it has a positive impact on the visibility of site on Google, and for a few other reasons, such as:


It allows to be in the role of client

Blog on the website of the online store allows you to show products from another side – product review on the blog is not only “raw” data showing the product specification, it is an opportunity to show the customer all advantages and disadvantages of the article. Blog allows you to put yourself in the role of clients and understand their needs, e.g. to answer questions why something can work in given conditions, and other can’t – it helps the client to choose from a huge number of items available on the market. Reliable reviews are a step towards convincing a potential customer to buy this product in our store.


Positive business card of the brand

The company blog allows you to show current activities of the company, such as participation in fairs. Entries on the blog can also promote successes, e.g. qualifying a product for prestigious competition, receiving an award for achievements or original solutions. They can also emphasize innovation and development of the company, e.g. department expansion or purchase of new machines.


Creating the position of an expert

Potential clients do not know that the company is an expert in their field, the client must be informed about it and prove that we know what we are doing. One of the goals of running a company blog may be to publish articles and videos that will help Internet users to solve their problems. Expert knowledge provided in an accessible way, attracts audiences who will recommend our blog and build trust in the brand.


Increasing traffic on our website

Interesting, linguistically correct content convinces the audience to stay on the site for a longer time and induces them to share links on their websites or in social media (e.g. Facebook). Such actions increase the number of links that lead to the company’s website or online store, which strengthens the potential of entire website and promotes the company. Providing links also increases traffic on your website, which also has a positive impact on positioning.


New content and increasing the volume of our website

Google likes when the content on the site is "fresh" and better perceives sites with updated content. Regular, properly optimized (containing important SEO keywords) entries on the company blog not only increase the volume of site, but also give information to Google mechanisms that the site is alive – it is updated, develops, and this translates into a better perception of the site by search engines. A website with well-maintained company blog will be more likely to display on specific phrases searched by Internet users.


A relatively cheap way to promote the offer

Blog on the store’s website is also a quite simple and inexpensive way to promote the offer. Adding articles is carried out as a part of your existing website, so it does not require significant resources to start. Creation of articles on the blog can be organized inside the company or commissioned by writing experts, i.e. copywriters (it is also possible to hire such a person on a full-time basis). It is important that entries on the blog are correct in terms of language, so if you have a grammar and spelling back-up, find a person or company that will take a professional approach to language issues. Articles that are full of mistakes discourage not only potential customers, but also Google robots.


Increasing the potential of seo website

A great advantage of the blog is ability to build the so-called longtail keywords, a phrase that our potential clients can enter in the search engine. Long-tail positioning has a very high potential, because there is less competition for this type of phrase, so it is worth focusing on the possibilities offered by long keyword positioning.

The company blog brings benefits for a long time. Goods in the online store sell out and expire on the company’s website, but articles from the blog rarely become time-barred. Well prepared and optimized for Google’s visibility of content on the corporate blog will work on their own. However, it should be remembered that a blog is an investment that should be considered in the perspective of at least 2-3 years, during which you work on the volume and content, you cannot throw in content once and count on effects – this is a place where new articles should appear, which will be adjusted to current trends.

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