Case study: Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized

When this happens?

"Peer's Certificate issuer is not recognized" can occur when you're visiting webpage using https, but:

- you haven't validate your domain at your certificate service provider (e. g. by placing html file on your web server or by DNS TXT record)
- your major certificate is outdated
- your Certificate Authority (CA) is outdated.

How to fix this?

- By validating your domain at your service provider, if you can't find tool you should contact your service provider about it
- by renewing your major certificate
- by adding your CA file to your host (CA should be available for download under your customer account at your service provider).

If you're using web hosting panel software like Plesk or Cpanel, you'll be able to easily upload all needed certificate files in appropriate order.
Are you still having problems? Contact us for more details.

 534,    14  Oct  2016 ,   Blog

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